Challenges before Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal is has now become the seventh Chief Minister of Delhi. Going out of the way, he said that he will be taking the oath of office and secrecy at the Ramleela Maidan – the place from where he started his crusade against corruption. He has also refused to accept the government bungalow. He has said no to Z security that had been offered to him by the Delhi Police. Arvind Kejriwal has even gone on to say that it is aam adami of Delhi who is the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Things will not be easy for the CM-in waiting. One of the biggest challenges for Arvind Kejriwal will be fighting the mentality of the people. The main problem lies in answering the false allegations if they are ever targeted at Kejriwal. Another thing he may have to respond to is carrying out the promised work in the specific time limit.

Life in a new role has got under way for Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The most enduring challenge will be meeting the deadlines. After all as he is at the helm, he can order things to be done immediately and on a priority basis to anyone concerned in the government now. But how easy will that be?

Brining clean governance in India will not be that easy. Things will have own set of problems. However, people believe in someone like Mr. Kejriwal more than anyone else. The only thing now remains to be seen how he approaches people as a Chief Minister. People will judge and jump to conclusions immediately.

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  1. Kejriwal announce 20000ltr free water in a month for Delhi citizen. But is very hard to supply it in summer. Kejriwal has many challenges we must be wait and watch.

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