How to Choose a Good Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing cream isn’t only required in the summer or the spring days. In fact, due to the ever-changing atmosphere, even the remedies are needed to be used in the odd seasons too. For some people, moisturizing cream becomes the need of the hour even in the chilly days. Here is how you can choose a good moisturizing cream.

A moisturizer that is oil-based should be one of the better choices if it comes to using one in winter. But remember that not such moisturizers will do, due to the presence of oils in them. The reason is that not all kinds of oils are suitable to the face skin, which is comparatively more sensitive than other skin on the body.

That’s why, if you already have oily skin, then you should double cross check before choosing a moisturizer that is oil based. However, non-clogging oils are generally good. They include the almond oil, mineral oil or avocado oil.

Some people even use butter. However, it is a bit controversial as it can potentially clog the facial pores. Here is another thing you need to remember when choosing a moisturizing cream. You might have read a tag like ‘night creams’. Well, if you haven’t you will know now.

Many creams with the tag of ‘night creams’ are oil based. So watch out when buying such creams. Who knows they may not suit your skin type. The more precaution you take, the better it will be for you. Be careful initially, so that you do not need to sort out the trouble later.

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  1. Most of moisturizer cream are oil based but the nature of oil used are different. I think we need not moisturiser cream in hot days. Natural moisturizer like honey is best one in all weather. With eating habits we can reduce dryness of skin.

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