AAP working on LS polls in Maharashtra

The Aam Aadmi Party has already started its work to brace itself for the Lok Sabha elections this year. The party is targeting Maharashtra and is in the middle of finalizing the list of the probable candidates from the state. According to the party statement, they will be releasing the first list of the candidates by the 20th of this month.

AAP has clarified that they will be fielding ‘strong’ candidates in the state against the coalition ruling party, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). They are also hopeful of defeating the NCP candidates in the state, where they have a very strong hold already.

There will be a list of 20 candidates to start the proceedings. The information was given by Mayank Gandhi, who is a leader of the AAP. Maharashtra has 48 Lok Sabha seats in all and there will only be 20 candidates in the first list. So, will the second list bring in the remaining 28 candidates?

Well, it is not still clear, because there is still no word if AAP will be contesting all the 48 seats in the state or not. However, there are a lot of expectations from the Aam Aadmi Party as it had a rollicking start in the first ever election for the party in the Delhi elections recently.

However, it is learnt that AAP is going to focus on as many as 100 LS seats in the coming elections. Though, it would take them herculean efforts to reach there, even a handful of seats can turn the tide at the center government formation.