Who benefited from the Facebook-WhatsApp deal?

The deal struck between Facebook and WhatsApp is making news all over for various reasons and one of them your wallet. Sending SMSes and texts and even videos takes hundreds and thousands of dollars and probably WhatsApp was the solution where all the stuff could be sent totally free of cost. So, that can be a big plus side of the popular messaging app.

There are many other mobile messaging apps out there. However, WhatsApp has been hugely accepted all over. In fact, it is the most favored app in Europe. What’s more, there are at least one million new users signing up with the messaging app daily. WhatsApp currently has more than 450 million users out of which 70% of them are active daily.

So, keeping all these things in mind, there is no doubt that WhatsApp has saved a big chunk of bucks for millions of people in the world as they don’t need to pay to carriers for sending the messages.

In the US, the carrior Verizon used to charge 20 cents per text for the customers who hadn’t signed up for any messaging plan. However, those who have signed, would have to pay $5 to $20 for one phone. The costs, in this case, comes down to almost half a cent per message, which is for 5000 messages per month.

These rates were for most of the carriers in the United States. Until recently, the SMS category was the one that used to give the carriers a huge chunk of money. The revenue from this alone was nearly $100 billion per year globally.