The man-woman relationship – Part I

The relationship between a man and a woman has many shades. As they say, opposite polls attract, the same happens with a man and a woman. Things do look cozy and they can be thorny in no time. It is the understanding the relation and in turn, each other better that can save a couple’s relationship.

How many times do men really listen to women? In this male-dominated world – or let’s say society, it is the nature of men to dominate the women. But a relationship would not last long like this with one partner dominating and the other just keep listening.

Learn to listen

Many men just refuse to understand the power of listening. When you listen, it shows. Every woman will like her man to listen to her. And when there is a process of speaking and listening, it is communication and not any argument. It is the communication that builds any relationship. So, always keep your ears open. Listen more speak less. After all, there are two ears and one mouth.

Develop your EQ

Men need to inculcate their motional Quotient – the EQ. So, what does that mean? How will you show that you are emotional? Do you need to cry? Well, that would be really funny to interpret EQ in that way. But guys should learn to become more sensitive and share the same feelings as women mostly do.

These are just a couple of pointers and if you at least try to follow them, you life will certainly be on the better path.

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