The man-woman relationship – Part II

In one of my previous articles, I had written about the importance of learning to listen and developing the EQ. However, there are more pointers that work towards strengthening the relationship between a man and a woman better. Let us have a look at some more points.

Put aside your machoism

You may be a supporter of machoism and boasting off about yourself all the while. But never do that with your woman. No woman would like to get dominated like that, at least by her favorite person, and that’s you.

Show interest in her interests

Men hardly show interest in the likes and dislikes of his woman. Learn to reciprocate. Do not always ignore what you are approached for. Do not also procrastinate as much as you can. The more you are open to dialogues, the better for you and your relationship.

Take the initiative

What more surprising will it be for your partner to show that you are taking the initiative in her work? That will be a surprise for her if that comes out of the blue. This will work as a pointer and automatically strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Spending time with her

What better reward can it be than spending time with your spouse? The magical moments really work wonders and that has been proved at various times during the life of a relationship. We may have heard phrases like ‘spending quality time with each other’, so that really work wonders. Just see for yourself.