Steve Ballmer raises doubts over WhatsApp acquisition

The acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook has once again come in the news, this time due to former Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer raising questions over it. The doubt that Mr. Ballmer raises is if Facebook will be able to generate the $19 billion revenue that they have spent on buying the mobile messaging app.

The former MS chief was speaking at Oxford University. He made a very intelligent comment by saying that millions of users (for a certain social networking) does not stand for its value. He also added that the value of any deal will only be in the real sense if it creates any worth for its shareholders.

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp proved to be tumultuous news in the world of social networking and technology, especially due to the price tag. The eyebrows were raised due to the fact that the mobile messaging app charges only 99 cents for a user for one year.

This charge comes after giving the users free time of one year to use the app. So, it practically looks difficult for the mega social networking site to get back their investment. $19 billion looks too great a figure compared to the charges applicable.

However, WhatsApp has more than 450 million users now and there are at least one million users signing up daily. So, in that sense Facebook should find relief that the number of the apps’ users is growing steadily.

But there are other apps that are also growing by and by silently. One of them is Hike, which has more than 15 million users now.