Bikram Yoga – The Least Know Style of Yoga

Most of people know about yoga. But it is sad to say that yoga has become a fashion these days. Yoga and meditation are helpful in keeping us healthy, as it keeps us fit and active. Yoga is also helpful in slowing down ageing process. If we ask celebrities and stars of film industry, what they do to keep fit? The answer of most of the stars is, we are doing yoga and work out.

Some poses in yoga are very common these are Vazra aasan, Pawan mukti aasan, Bhujang assan, matsya assan and some more. People practice these according to their needs.

I am writing here about another style of yoga. It is Bikram Yoga. It is different from well know style of yoga. The difference between common style of yoga and Bikram yoga is temperature of room where we practice it. Bikram yoga is preformed in temperature between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is why such temperature for this type of yoga. The first reason for more temperature is that heat makes our body flexible. Some poses which we will do in Bikram yoga is challenging. Heat will help us to enter them and out of them comfortably. The second reason for this temperature is that we sweat in high temperature. With sweat we also release more toxins from our pores. The heat will also reduce risk of injuries.

Bikram yoga has 26 poses and it is also follows a consistent program. Each of these must be practiced twice during a session. The flow of poses is, start with standing postures, and then progress back bends. After it, practice for forward bends and twists. Someone can use poses using the kapalabhati breath or fire technique breath.

When we practice Bikram yoga, we aren’t only stretching the muscles in our body it also massages the internal organs. The massaging of internal organs helps to strengthen and lubricate the body’s glands and improve the nervous system. With Bikram yoga, we can flush toxins out of our body.

The high temperature is special feature of this style of yoga so one should practice Bikram yoga in the presence of a skilled instructor.