Is the family of Selena Gomez worried about her?

Selena Gomez, the young singer-cum-actress sensation has been in the news recently and there are reports that her family is worried about her.

It was reported that the father of the actress isn’t happy that the young singing sensation is spending time with Justin Bieber, another pop singer. It looks like to two stars have met once again after breaking off from each other. It was reported that the two of them were seen undergoing a dance session, a sort of reconciliation, for a couple of hours in Texas.

One of the sources close to the Gomez family has said that Selena had chosen to go with Justin rather than her family previously. The source also added that Selena’s father does not approve of her spending her time with the 20-year old Bieber.

The two were also seen in a restaurant recently and were having a pretty good time with each other. After that they went shopping. But before that, it was reported, that Justin sent red roses worth €9,000 to woo Selena. Now, that’s some serious wooing, isn’t it?

Bieber posted a video of him and Selana on Instagram as they were grinding in the dance studio.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift, the multiple Grammy Award winning singer, has cut off from her best friend Selena Gomez as she came to know about the reconciliation of the two singers. The pair has been great friends for many years now. Taylor had even described Selena as ‘the closest thing I have to a sister’.