Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Any person can be a victim of rude behavior. And these can easily be signs of an abusive relationship. Yes, it’s a human tendency conditions cannot be same every now and then. But don’t you think it’s important to know the difference between being rude and being abusive.

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Yes, it is. Being rude sometimes can be excused but being abusive is something different. Being Physically Abused is an offence yes but it can also be a mental torture, financial criticism, emotional or physiological abuse too.
Women specially misunderstood this difference and accept it as a regular part of their life. So it’s a necessity to know the signs of an abusive relationship….

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

signs of an abusive relationship

Frequently being accused by your partner
If your partner has a habit of assaulting you. And even if he abuses you for silly little things than it’s a sign for an abusive relationship.

You need to ask them before doing something
You want to go somewhere with your friends but you feel need to take permission rather informing them.

Lack of respect
Any relation is essentially about admiring your partner. When your partner doesn’t give the respect you deserve.

Insult in front of others
Your partner has a habit of criticising and making fun of  you among his friends and family relatives.

Making you feel bad about yourself
When he is used to say words that are discourteous. An impolite behaviour is also a sign that you are living in an unhappy relationship.

Emotionally unavailable
Every single person wants a little care from their loved ones. They want an understanding partner from whom they can speak their heart out. But when your partner is not for that support.

Your partner frightens you
At a point of time, when you realise that he has started hating you. You don’t love him anymore even a though of spending time with him frightens you.

If you think by the above facts that you are in an abusive relationship with your partner  Then it’s a warning that you need to move on. Stay blessed.

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