6 Home Remedies for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is common among people these days. And here, we bring some home remedies for diabetes. Not only elders but many teenagers are also suffering from the same. The main cause of this health problem is abnormal diet and stress.

Home Remedies for Diabetes

People often try to get hundred percent results by taking medicines, which also give with heavy bills. But they don’t know that we have some alternative ways too. Yes, some home remedies which are really easy to prepare, and if taken regularly by the diabetic patient then will surely give better results.

So here are some home remedies for diabetes, which are not only cheaper than those medicines but also very effective in controlling your sugar.

Home Remedies for Diabetes

Cactus juice

Cactus juice is very effective. It helps in decreasing glucose and stabilise insulin levels. We know it doesn’t taste good but when it’s about health it’s worth.

Binola seeds

Binola seeds contain Borage oil which is effective in reducing Blood Sugar.

Indian blackberry

Jamun seeds lowers blood sugar and keep sharp insulin spikes in check. This fruit also has heart-protecting properties.

Mango Leaves

1. Soak 7 to 10 mango leaves in a glass of water at night.
2. Filter that water in morning.
3. Drink that water on an empty stomach.

Green tea

Green tea is a cure for many heath related issues. It contains polyphenols which helps in a controlling the blood sugar of diabetes patients.

Bitter gourd

Another easy way to control diabetes. Make dishes like vegetables, soup, salad etc with bitter gourd. It will be useful in reducing blood sugar.

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