Signs That a Guy Like You as a Friend

Being in a relationship is too mainstream these days. So, people have found new tags like friend zoned family zoned and more. We have seen boys usually get friend zoned but can it be a vice versa? I mean really…. Is it be possible that a guy likes a girl as a friend?  Yes, some signs which will surely tell you that a guy loves you or just like you as a friend.

He is not always eager to talk you
He hangout with you in his spare time, but he doesn’t take you as a priority. He is not much interested in replying your texts all the time. He won’t get panic even if you didn’t call him for a week or more.


He has done nothing to make you feel special
Even on special occasions like your birthday. He just wished you a happy birthday at 12, may be he gifted you something. That doesn’t mean he like you. You are just another friend for him.

Even if he flirts with you, you are not the only one
He is a flirt. If he flirts with you… he can flirt with other girls too. Do not fall for his cheesy lines.

He talks to you the same way he talks to his friends
No late night chats-calls. No cute Good morning Good night texts. No compliments. Trust me, You are FRIEND ZONED.

He will easily tell you about his crush
He likes you but as a friend. It won’t be a big deal for him to tell you the name of a girl he likes.

Well, what if  he doesn’t like you. Life doesn’t end this way right? Its giving you the chance to find someone better. Who loves you, flirts only with you, makes you feel better because you deserve someone better.  
Good Luck

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