How to fix a Relationship

Relationships, if good then can be the most beautiful thing in life. If not, then can be the worst thing at the same time.
What a person needs in a relationship? Understanding, loyalty, sex, love, trust etc.
But have you ever gave a single thought why people broke up or getting divorced. The reason is some important factors-the keys to make your relation better but people do not consider them necessary.
A broken relationship can be fixed by small little things like:

Communicate with your partner
Talk about the problem. Its better to get a solution then to take stress over the problem. Talking is the best way to sort things out. Keep yourself calm, don’t start arguing while talking.

Ignore small little Mistakes
Stop being rude if they have done something wrong. Forgiving is the way to make an understanding in your relationship.


Be Mature
Being an adult its important to handle situations with patience in a calm way. Do not panic over small things. Find solutions.

Make your boring relationship a fun. Go out, plan candle light dinners etc which keep yuor relationship interesting.

Ignore Past
Don’t fight over past arguments or mistakes. It will make your relationship worst by the time. This is the biggest mistake people often do. Live in Present. 

Fall them in love with you again. Get out of your boring schedules, Be romantic.

Help your partner in almost everything. Give advice if they are wrong. Make them understand your point of view. But be a support for your partner always.

Make Efforts
Do cook their favourite dishes. Sing for them. Crack jokes or talk about past funny experiences,  if they are upset. Make them feel you care.

Remember- “Relationships lasts longer because two people made a choice to keep it, fight for it, and work for it.”  

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