Interesting Facts About Introverts: What Makes Them Apart

Suppose two little girls got hurt, while playing. Now one girl who is really sensitive started crying. The other one who knows how to bear pain doesn’t react much. These is an example of some interesting facts about introverts.

People gathered and they noticed the sensitive girl, obviously because she was crying. No one is much concerned about the other one. This is how the concept of introversion and extroversion works.

Interesting Facts About Introverts

Now see, both of them were hurt but one was way too weak to gather all the attention. This is how introversion works.


Introverts are self-sufficient, a person who knows how to be alone. On the other hand an extrovert always need a group of people to hang around. But an introvert have a talent of being alone and this quality makes them more creative then any other personality.

interesting facts about introverts

Quality People

Introverts are not very open about their life. They share secrets with whom they are highly comfortable. So, they believe in Quality not quantity. For them a group of 3 people is sufficient.


They often Misunderstood by other people. They are quite and shy and because of this nature people think they are arrogant. But they are not, they are actually a chatter box when they are comfortable with you.


You need someone to talk your heart out, find an introvert. They are great listeners. You can trust them, and when you need a true friend they are the one. They are also good at keeping secrets. Signs of a real friend no?


Introverts are emotional or say way too emotional. Because of this sensitive nature they get hurt easily. They are open for feedbacks but its hard for them to handle negative ones. They can spend hours thinking it.


Sometimes Stubborn if they don’t like someone talking to him/her is hard for them. They can’t pretend things. Positivity is another interesting thing about Introverts. Highly positive and usually motivates others.

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