Arun Jaitley Launched SMS Alert for TDS Deduction

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley declared that the salaried tax payers will get SMS Alert facility for the TDS Deductions, the CBDT will regulate this facility soon. This will enable the tax payers to match the SMS and their salary slip to know about the due tax at the end of a fiscal year.

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Arun Jaitley announced about the SMS alert for TDS deductions for salaried people on Monday. The CBDT will regulate this facility very soon on a monthly basis. There are almost 2.5 crore tax payers in our country. These salaried tax payers will now get SMS alerts about their TDS deductions by the Income Tax Department.

Jaitley said:

“Hence tax payers will benefit if they receive information through use of technology. So, they can match the office salary slip and the SMS and at the end of the fiscal he will be clear about any possible tax dues.”

According to our Finance Minister, the salaried class can’t afford to pay the tax twice or indulge in litigations and that is why they deserve to be updated regarding their TDS deductions. Jaitley has launched this facility and asked the CBDT to work for the same. He wants the CBDT to make the grievance redressal system for online TDS mismatch. It must be done to make sure there is no interface between the tax department and payers. The CBDT has been working for a lot of tax payer friendly initiative and as per Jaitley, e-Nivaran is doing well. It has also been announced that the 4.4 crore non-salaried tax payers will also get this SMS alert facility soon.

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Rani Singh Nair, the Chairperson of CBDT stated that the tax department has been encouraging the people for registering on e-filing website their cell phone numbers. According to her, the CBDT will send the tax payers an initial welcome message to inform them about the facilities. Afterwards, each and every assesse will get the information regarding their TDS deductions from the CBDT.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes said:

“The frequency of SMS alerts will be increased, once the process for filing TDS returns is streamlined to receive such information on a real-time basis.”

This is great step taken by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to keep transparency between the IT department and the tax payers. Now, the Income Tax Department will be sending SMS alerts to the salaried tax payers about the TDS deductions. This makes it feasible for the general masses to contact the deductor if there is any correction needed in a mismatch case. The deductors will also get SMS alert if they haven’t paid the tax or if there is a due date to e-file the TDS returns.