Sonu Nigam lashes out Mumbai Mirror for calling him a Mehfil Singer

Sonu Nigam lashed out the leading daily Mumbai Mirror who gave hasty titles to him and called him a Mehfil Singer. He wrote on Twitter a series of tweet. Find out how he slammed the newspaper!

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The stardom comes with its own pros and cons. Every other day we get to know rumours and gossips about the celebrities. Bollywood celebrities often take these gossips with a pinch of salt. But sometimes, the gossip mongers cross the line and say something too appalling. Media is getting dirtier each day with the words and comments. And, our celebrities sure know how to shut them up.

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Recently, Sonu Nigam who is one of the leading playback singers of Bollywood was in Dubai for meeting his brothers. Mumbai Mirror, trying to make a news out of it, stated some hasty remarks on the trip. The newspaper said, “Sonu Nigam has been spending a lot of time in Dubai and thus has been earning huge Moolahs”. Not just that, they also added, “the wealthy Sindhi brigade in UAE is delighted to have him light up their mehfils and Diwali taash parties with this stereophonic voice.”

These remarks and titles by this leading daily didn’t go well with the Bollywood Singer who is a respected artist. He then chose Twitter to give a snarling reply to Mumbai Mirror and clarifying their doubts about his trips. Sonu wrote a series of tweet and we love each one of them.


His tweets went on like this:

-Dear @MumbaiMirror . I know u don’t think high of me, but please don’t jump to conclusions. Dubai, is where my brothers live. No moolah thus

-And @MumbaiMirror I don’t look at mehfil singing condescendingly, but darlings, that’s not my forte. Whatever happened 2 ethical reporting?

-And dear @MumbaiMirror . Remember, what u sow, so u reap. Your children reap. Karma, will send u an apt Return Gift on my Behalf. Blessings

Now, I think Sonu Nigam has made it pretty evident that he is not someone to mess with. And, has surely threatened and given some perspective to this leading daily.

More power to you Sonu Nigam!