As we close in on the month of February, we have managed to set right most of the bugs, especially related to the stats. Now, after taking that problem in the stride and working towards solving it successfully, there are sufficient page views writers are getting now.

So, keeping that in mind and the revenue shares, we have decided that the rates for the month of April will be $3/1000 views accompanied by the commenting that the users are involved in.

1. Which is the writing language I can use?
We accept articles only in the English language.

2. Who can register?
We are currently providing a platform only for Indian writers based in India, though further expanding is on our wishlist.

3. Can I post links in my articles?
You can post one link in your article after you have 15 articles approved. After having 25 approved articles, you can post 2 links in each article. Only appropriate links will be allowed. No spamming.

4. Can I re-publish articles?
Currently, we don’t accept published articles. But may introduce the feature in the future.

5. What’s the minimum payout?
The minimum payout is Rs. 1000 through bank transfer.

6. How will I get paid and when?
You will get paid by the 15th of the next month when you reach the threshold. E.g. If you reach the Rs. 1000 threshold in October, you will be paid by the 15th of November.

7a. How can I earn?
We have two ways to help you earn, but you can choose only one of them. One is the earnings based on page views and the other is upfront payment.

7b. Tell me more about earnings.
You can choose to get paid either by page views or upfront payment. And the one that you choose will be valid for that month only.

Just drop us a simple mail at admin@gadgetgarrio.com

and write in the subject line along with the month your preferred mode of earnings. E.g. “Pay me by page views for this month – November 2013” or “Pay me by upfront for this month – November 2013”.

In case we do not get your mail, the earnings will be calculated by page views. Or if you permanently wish to earn in only one mode, send us a mail only once “”Pay me by page views always”.
You can choose to get paid in a different method the next month. But if you have at leat 50 articles on the site, you can have the privilege of getting paid both ways for a single article.

7c. What will be the rate of page views earnings for March?
The rate per 1000 views can differ from month to month. For April 2014, the rate is $3. For upfront paying articles, you can earn up to Rs. 25.

8. What type of content am I allowed to write?
Except for hate content, erotic stuff and articles that aren’t conducive to social brotherhood in any way will not be accepted. Plagiarism, of course, has no place here. Everything else goes fine. We reserve the right to deny or accept an article without being answerable to anyone.

We will be doing random article checking for plagiarism or any of your efforts to make your articles popular. Please use only the traditional ways to popularize your content or be ready to lose everything.

9. Can I use images in the articles?

10. What should be the minimum word count?
You should at least write articles not less than 250 words if you prefer to earn through the for page view system. For upfront payment, the articles should have at least 275 words.

11. Are any kind of reviews allowed here?
Nope. This is not any kind of review site. However, if you want to have product reviews, you can visit www.gadgetgarrio.com.

12. How about articles on sex?
If the articles are constructive and informative or about throwing light on how to get pregnant, they are fine. But this is not a place to write porn stuff.

13. How many accounts can I have?
Only one.

14. What will my articles earn?
Points and cash.

15. How many points do I earn per article?
That depends and naturally will not be exposed here. But you earn cash as well as points for a single article.

16. Do points mean the same as cash?
No. They are different.

17. Tell me more about points.
When you reach 1000 points, your account will be credited with Rs. 200 more. So, in simple words 1000 = Rs. 200.

18. Can I use social networking sites to make my articles viral?
Sure you can. But if it comes to our notice that other means and blackhat techniques are used to increase the page views, your account will be suspended forthwith and you also stand to lose all your earnings as well as the right on articles. As they are already published here, they cannot be taken off.


The home page of our site shows a grid with four topics. The grid will be cycled every alternate day. So, this means at various points in time, there can be your articles on the front page on the topics the grid shows.

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